Mar 9, 2016

Spreading The Word About Paris Landing

Here are a few ways you can help us promote tourism at Paris Landing - which helps support Paris Landing businesses and thereby the Paris Landing community.

  • Sharing posts from this website.   At the bottom of each post there is a little row of boxes.  If you hover over the logos in the little boxes you will see they are share buttons for emailing to your friends, Blogger, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.  Just one click!  It’s easy to share!  If you share to Pinterest, please be sure to include Paris Landing, Tennessee in the description box.
  • Pinterest is becoming an excellent format for free advertising and we can use it to our advantage.  If you type “Paris Landing Tennessee” in the Pinterest search box it will bring up quite a few pins related to our neighborhood, many from our website.  Click here to see my personal link to it.  Unfortunately, there are also a few about Paris, France - but we are just going to ignore that.  You can help spread the word about Paris Landing by starting your own board for Paris Landing, Tennessee or at least by liking some of the images that are already there.
  • Last but not least - Facebook!   Please visit and like and follow the Paris Landing Tourism League Facebook page at   Click the “like” button every now and then.  And when you see something you really like, share it to your own Facebook page.  

All of these tips are free and your little click might bring someone to Paris Landing who has never been here before.

Thanks for Sharing!

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