May 27, 2024

Tennessee River Jam


📅🎶 Tennessee River Jam Full Schedule! 🎶📅
Presented by Trolinger's Inc. and Henry County Tourism Authority.

Get ready for an incredible weekend packed with music, fun, and festivities! Here’s your complete guide to everything happening from Thursday to Sunday at all our amazing locations: Downtown Paris, Blues Landing, Eiffel Tower Park, The Breakers Marina, Dew Drop In Grocery, LLC, LL'S BAR & GRILL, and Crown Meeting & Event Center

✨ Don’t miss a beat! Check out the dates and times for all performances and events to make the most of your Tennessee River Jam experience.

Set a reminder in your calendar and share with your friends! IT’S TIME TO JAM! 🎉

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May 25, 2024

 Cypress Bay Marina & Resort

Kentucky Lake is all about enjoying water activities and the outdoors! There are adventures everywhere! If you love being outside, but your significant other isn't as keen on it, we've got a good compromise! Take those hikes, bike through the trails or spend the heat of the day tearing up the lake, but come back to a nicely furnished air conditioned cottage that is big enough to spread out and enjoy your family time! Check out our 2 and 3 bedroom cottages with water views and free boat slip during your stay! Find your perfect getaway cabin and reserve today to keep that marriage happy and healthy! Happy Wife =Happy Life

May 23, 2024

Fishing Report

Lake Levels and Conditions:

  • Lake levels on Kentucky Lake are receding and headed back to normal summer pool elevation. This is good news for anglers and pleasure boaters as the Memorial Holiday weekend approaches.
  • The reservoir recently crested after rising more than 2 1/2 feet above summer pool due to thunderstorms.
  • By the approaching weekend, the lake should be back to its normal summer pool level of 359 feet.
  • Water color is clearing in most areas as the lake recedes, and surface temperatures have been in the 73 to 75 degree range.

Species-Specific Fishing Updates:

Bluegill and Shellcracker (Redear Sunfish):

  • Anglers have been catching hefty stringers of bluegill by tossing light spinning tackle toward shallow shoreline weedbeds and buck bushes.
  • Depths of 2 to 6 feet are holding bedding bluegill and a few redear sunfish.
  • Baits of choice include crickets, wax worms, redworms, and nightcrawlers.
  • Using slip bobbers helps regulate depth and detect light strikes.
  • Dragging the bait presentation across the spawning craters of bluegill is an effective technique.
  • Another full moon arrives on May 23rd, which should see a surge in bedding activity by bluegill and shellcracker.


  • The catfish bite has held up well during the changing lake levels.
  • Fish seemed to move up as the water was rising and have dropped back slightly on rocky banks and rip-rap levees or shorelines as waters receded.
  • Nightcrawlers have been effective bait, along with several commercial baits and homemade concoctions.


  • Post-spawn crappie are somewhat scattered and finicky, but some anglers have managed to land decent stringers.
  • Fishing deeper brushpiles and stakebeds in depths of 11 to 15 feet has yielded results.
  • The crappie bite is expected to improve even more in the next few weeks as more fish return to a structure-oriented pattern.


  • Bass fishermen have had a broad menu of opportunity lately due to the high lake levels inundating shoreline buck brush, weedbeds, and willow trees.

Remember to check local regulations and safety guidelines before heading out on the water. Tight lines! 🎣 For more detailed updates, you can also refer to Steve McCadams’ fishing report for Kentucky Lake. 😊🌊1.

May 21, 2024

Let's Go Swimming!

 Paris Landing / Kentucky Lake KOA Holiday is at Paris Landing / Kentucky Lake KOA Holiday.

Kids out of school today? Bring them out to the Paris Landing KOA Campground to swim (yep, open to public) ... $5.50 adults, $3.50 for kids.
CONCESSIONS is open too!

May 14, 2024

FerrySTOC 15

Sponsored by Paris Landing Tourism League

FerrySTOC 15 will be rolling into town starting Thursday.  Look for some nice bikes in our area.  

These folks enjoy our area and keep coming back.  The Honda ST1100 and ST1300 motorcycles club, aka, "ST-Owners Club", have been using the Paris Landing area for 15 years now as their home base to ride around the Land Between the Lakes National Recreation area and ride the ferry boats across the Tennessee River (Kentucky Lake). Riders come from places as far away as California, Florida, New York and sometimes Canada.

There will be about 25 riders staying at the Paris Landing KOA which provides them a group discounted rate on cabins and tent spots and are provided multiple meals.
They are very thankful to the tourism league for providing these meals and desserts and they always like to ride, stop and support local businesses in the area of Paris Landing such as restaurants, gas stations and shops.
If you see them out and about say hello.

May 13, 2024

Fishing Report

 By Steve McCadams, Professional Guide/Outdoor Writer (


Boaters are urged to use caution across Kentucky Lake right now as vast amounts of floating debris can interfere with pleasure craft and fast traveling bass boats. In the aftermath of heavy thunderstorms and tornadoes that swept across the region Wednesday, dropping lots of rain that swelled streams, Kentucky Lake is now on a rapid rise. Lake levels are coming up quickly and TVA is projecting the reservoir will jump to the 361.6 elevation---which is 2 ½ feet above normal summer pool—by the weekend. It could go even higher. Logs and snags had washed offshore and were hiding in the open water areas. Sometimes they were barely visible above the surface. That’s a recipe for danger.

While nice weather with lower humidity has entered the picture now, changing lake levels will no doubt alter the fishing scene to some degree. Bass fishermen now have ample shoreline buck bushes and willow trees which have been inundated in the high water. They can pitch and flip a Texas rigged craw or lizard to their desires. Spinnerbaits will help cover a lot of water too in the angler’s quest to find roaming bass. There’s always a few boats checking out the secondary humps and sandbars, but rising water may not be a friend to that pattern right now. It could rebound quickly once TVA starts pulling water which will add current to the main lake bass fishing scene.

The bluegill bite, which has been quite good lately, will continue to hold up but no doubt the fish will move up into shallow shoreline habitat as they follow the new water. Bluegill and shellcracker thrive on freshly flooded grass beds and aquatic wonderlands now at their disposal. Bedding has been underway but sometimes the cooler weather coinciding with rising lake levels will alter the whereabouts of the bedding bluegill and shellcracker. Watch for bedding areas around visible bushes and trees to offer new areas to scout out.

Watercolor was stained in the back of many bays since the storms at midweek but that will clear rapidly as the rising water pushes the dingy color back. Surface temperatures are in the 72-to-74-degree range. Main lake areas had pockets of clear water as did a few large bays.

Catfish responded favorably to the rising lake levels and really made a blitz toward little pockets off the main lake area. The catfish are on the prowl and have already started moving up on shallow shorelines even more since the rising lake pulled them to shallow venues in search of food and spawning spots. Rocky banks will continue to attract spawning catfish. It should be good for the next week or two.

Already in post-spawn were crappie that had scattered somewhat in midrange depths of 8 to 13 feet. Anglers can add another 2 or 3 feet to those depths since the lake is coming up. A few crappie were holding in main lake flats and bays as anglers fished jigs and some live minnows around deeper structures. Odds are the crappie will scatter even more in the days ahead or at least until the reservoir reaches a crest.

The longer the lake stays high the more fish will roam and scatter about. Fresh water entering the reservoir and inundating shoreline habitat always brings fish to the shallows for new feeding areas but it’s sometimes tough for fishermen to establish a pattern.

In summary, anglers are waking up to a new lake each day when rapidly changing lake stages occur. The honeymoon with stability of fishing conditions, weather and lake levels was a short one! Watch for things to settle down soon but for now the lake is changing and anglers must learn to change with it!

Monthly Meeting

 The monthly meeting of the Paris Landing Tourism League (PLTL) will be held Tuesday, May 14th, at 6 pm at the Senior Center inside the Paris Landing Emergency Complex.

Hope to see you there!

May 9, 2024

Need To Disconnect & Reconnect?

Kentucky Lake has something for everyone! Whether your preferences are nature walks and bird watching or something more adventurous like zipping through the water on a tube behind the boat or 4-wheeling through a dirt trail, you can do it around the lake! We want to help your family reconnect this Summer while maintaining a little privacy! Consider renting a larger cabin like #11 for group activities and night owls! Then add a couple of smaller cabins for your early birds or those that just need some alone time! Send the wilder ones out to get out some energy while you sit back and fish and take in the sunshine! Everyone can meet up for meals and games as the Sun goes down! This is a perfect recipe for a great Family Reunion that will be remembered! Visit our website to review floor plans and pick the perfect cabins for your group! Book in real time! Then get ready to PLAY, EXPLORE & RELAX at Kentucky Lake!

May 3, 2024

Fishing Report

 By Steve McCadams, Professional Guide/Outdoor Writer (


Catfish are on the prowl. Bluegill and shellcracker are spawning and on the beds. Bass activity has held up well too. Crappie are in post-spawn phase but still biting. Once May arrives the fishing scene heats up across Kentucky Lake for a wide variety of fishermen. Just about everyone can find a species or technique that fits their fancy.

After a strange spring full of windy weather, the fishing scene has stabilized somewhat as to lake levels and overall fishing conditions. Dodging a few thunderstorms at times is part of warm days in May but it’s usually a brief inconvenience. Lake levels this week were staying around normal summer pool elevation of 359.  Watercolor is clear. Surface temps have warmed to the 70–73-degree range and will likely rise another degree or two at midday.

Bluegill and shellcracker are hitting good. Bluegill are bedding and the bite should hold up throughout May and into early June. The next full moon phase arrives May 23 which should signal a surge in spawning activity. The full moon back in the third week of April really kick started the powerful panfish bite a bit early and it has held up well. Most are using crickets, but wax worms and red worms have been producing too.

Catfish are up on shallow shorelines and on the prowl. Several bluegill anglers casting toward shallow shorelines have tied into them this week as they fish light tackle. Watch for the bite to be on for the next couple of weeks as the fish seek out rocky banks and crevices for spawning. Rip rap shorelines and levees will be good spots as well.

Although crappie are now in their post-spawn phase some decent stringers are still coming in. Anglers are having to make several stops to accumulate decent stringers, but it hasn’t been bad. Most of the crappie are coming from 9 to 14 feet but a few have already pulled back deeper and suspended in the 14 foot and deeper range.

Bass have been relating to weed beds and just outside of buck brush shorelines. A few have been taken in some deeper bushes, but most are just a bit off shorelines moving up in the early morning and late afternoon lowlight conditions. Tossing a Texas rigged green pumpkin pepper colored craw or lizard has worked well. Spinnerbaits and some floating worms are producing too as have some topwater jerk baits.

Some boats are already pulling out and hitting secondary humps and sloping sandbars as the post-spawn bass slowly pull away from the banks. With higher surface temperatures more bass will continue to filter back out toward deeper water. On the humps and deeper sandbars anglers are tossing Carolina rigged craws and worms plus big deep diving crankbaits, Texas rigged worms and some swimbaits or even twister tail grubs fished on lead heads.

A few nice smallmouth have been taken this spring by anglers backing off the banks and targeting deeper water. May across Kentucky Lake offers great fishing for several different species.

Fun in the Park

More things to do in May.

May 2, 2024


Join us every weekend for live music and great food in our Beer Garden.
It’s a wonderful chill vibe.
We will have live local music weekends thru September. Weather permitting.