Oct 31, 2012

Tour de Paris??

The Paris Landing Tourism League is seeking support from you and our community leaders from Paris, Dover and Land Between the Lakes for a professional, competitive bicycle race called Tour de Paris

Planners are looking at late August, 2013 for the first race. August is when tourism around Paris Landing usually takes a dip, so this should be an ideal time for hotels, motels, restaurants, gift shops and other businesses which cater to tourism. The proposed route will start at Paris Landing State Park go to Dover, through Land Between The Lakes, then to Paris along Highway 79, then back to finish at Paris Landing State Park.

Delvon Campbell and John Ismail
shopping in downtown Paris, Tennessee. 
Sara Johnson, President of PLTL; Jim Napier, local supporter; Delvon Campbell and John Ismail - both are professional bicycle race organizers from Miami - met with community leaders this past Monday to ask for their support. Johnson has also spent several weeks discussing logistics for police, barricades and EMS works with representatives from USA Cycling through which the race will be sanctioned.

“The vision of USA Cycling is to make the United States of America the most successful country in the world of competitive cycling. USA Cycling is comprised of over 2,500 clubs and teams; and 70,800 licensees which include officials, coaches, mechanics, race directors, and competitive cyclists of all ages and abilities across all five disciplines of the sport. “  Quoted from their website.

“I want to create this as a cycling destination,” Napier said. “We need something here other than fishing tournaments.” He forecasted that once cyclists were introduced to the area, they would return to train and vacation. Napier said he plans the race to take place during a weekend with an amateur race Friday and the professional race on Saturday.

If approved, the contract for USA Cycling to sanction the race, would be for five years.

We hope they come to play with us. Your support will be greatly appreciated.

USA Cycling can be found on Facebook or their website at: http://www.usacycling.org/

Oct 23, 2012

Guess who came to play at Paris Landing???

Pro Angler Jacob Wheeler
Winner of the 2012 Forrest Wood Cup!

Thanks to Fishtale Lodge for the photo.


Halloween Fun!




Antioch United Methodist Church


3116 W. Antioch


Springville, TN




Treats, refreshments, games, drawing for a prize.

Oct 21, 2012

Strike King Writers Conference

Looks like the boys from the Strike King Writers Conference have been having a good time this week!

Thanks to Sharon Seaton at the Fishtale Lodge for the photos!

Oct 18, 2012

Back to the Old 23rd

Department of the Interior/ U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Tennessee National Wildlife Refuge
3006 Dinkins Lane / Paris, TN 38242
Telephone731-642-2091 / FAX 731-644-3351

For Immediate Release
Contact: Joan Stevens

Refuge celebrates “Back to the Old 23rd”
This time as a fundraiser for historic Mt. Zion Church Restoration

Nestled in a wilder part of Henry County, stands an old historic church called Mt. Zion Church. Established in the 1850’s, the current building was built in 1897. A walk among the grounds gets you to humming the tune “Come to the Church in the Wildwood”. A step inside transfers you back to a time when life was simpler, harder, yet somehow more pure. You can almost see the congregation sitting there, ladies to one side and gentlemen on the other, listening to a fire and brimstone sermon delivered by a circuit rider preacher. No one worships there today, but oh what a connection it still has to the community, and what a great historic old place.

Mt. Zion Church was an active Baptist church at the old 23rd voting district up until the creation of Kentucky Lake and the refuge in 1945. The old church now stands as a unique part of refuge, which was instrumental in getting it placed on the National Register of Historic Places in the 1974. However, over the years this church has fallen into disrepair and is in danger of ruin if steps towards restoration are not taken soon. The refuge, not having complete funds for this historic restoration have called upon the Friends of Tennessee National Wildlife Refuge to assist in getting community support for this effort. They are sponsoring the event as a community fundraiser for the church restoration work.

Therefore, on Saturday, October 27th from 12:00 – 5:30 pm, the Tennessee National Wildlife Refuge would like to invite you to an old fashioned church style “picnic on the grounds”at the Mt. Zion Church on the Big Sandy Peninsula. The picnic will include a hog roast, hamburgers, hotdogs, lemonade and all the fixings. There will be a speaker, hayrides, horseshoes, pitching washers, bingo, making rag dolls, sack races and the like, all to save this old historic church.

This event will ask folks to donate $5.00/person and bring a side dish to share. The day will begin with a “Picnic on the Grounds” from 12:00 – 1:00 pm. A hog donated by Tosh Farms will be cooked slowly all night for the hog roast. The Friends of TNWR will also be providing hamburgers, hotdogs and lemonade. If you attend the picnic, the public is asked to bring a side dish or dessert to share. The old fashioned style church picnic will be served outside along the sweeping lawn in front of the church. The servers for this picnic will be dressed in 1850’s costumes. Those attending the picnic will have plenty of time to explore the old church and the cemetery that lies beyond.

At 1:00 pm the featured speaker will be Larry Perry, author, historian who wrote the book “A Pictorial History of the Old 23rd District” which is a biography of the people and history of the Big Sandy Peninsula. After the speaker, the refuge will give a synopsis of report done by the National Park Service Historic Preservation Center in 2011. This is a detailed report of the current assessment, what needs to be done to the church and what it will cost to restore the structure. This fundraiser will be for the first and most important phase of the restoration that will keep the church from its current decline.

The afternoon will offer several concurrent activities from 2:00 – 5:00 pm in which the public can participate. Beginning at Mt. Zion church there will be hayrides interpretive hayrides led by Larry Perry. On the grounds will be many activities such as would happen at an old fashioned church gathering. The Friends video-taping and interviewing those folks that might remember stories of this unique place called the Old 23rd.

Nearby the church, visitors are also encouraged to hike along the newly restored Chickasaw National Recreation Trail or visit the Bennett’s Creek Observation Deck or simply drive along the road and enjoy the natural beauty of fall.

To find out more information about the sponsor group for the event, the Friends of Tennessee National Wildlife Refuge, or to find a map to this event, please visit their website at www.tnwrfriends.org.

To get to the Big Sandy Peninsula, the public will need to take highway 69A from Camden or Paris to the town of Big Sandy. Take Lick Creek Road from Big Sandy driving north for 12 miles. Turn left onto gravel at the refuge entrance sign and drive north for 1.5 miles turning left at Mt. Zion church. For more information about this event or Tennessee National Wildlife Refuge please contact the Paris headquarters at
731-642-2091 or visit the refuge website at www.fws.gov/TennesseeRefuge.

Tennessee National Wildlife Refuge, encompasing over 51,000 acres, is located on Kentucky Lake in northwest Tennessee. The refuge’s three units: Big Sandy, Duck River and Busseltown stretch for 65 miles along the Tennessee River. Established in 1945, the refuge is one of the older refuges in the country. It is managed as an important resting and feeding area for wintering waterfowl. The diversity of habitats found on the refuge units provide ample feeding, nesting and resting areas for 306 bird species, 51 types of mammals, 89 species of reptiles and amphibians, and 144 species of fish. A hotspot for fish diversity, this refuge can boast a greater fish species diversity than any other inland national wildlife refuge in the country. The primary management objective on the refuge is to provide food and protection for wintering migratory waterfowl.

Oct 16, 2012

Waiting On Fall


Any minute now we expect the scenery at Paris Landing will explode with color.  The photo on the left was taken a couple of years ago, but we expect the scenery to be just as spectacular this year.

And while everyone knows we're all about fishing, golfing, hunting and playing in the water ...
sometimes it's nice just to walk down a peaceful, quiet beach,

or country road.
We have lots of both.
Wouldn't you like to be here?
Come play with us.

Oct 14, 2012

Pelican Playground

Not on the coast or the gulf, not in Florida or Texas, but here ….
at Paris Landing are many White Pelicans -
just relaxing.
Where's everyone going?
King and Queen of the Pelicans we;  No other Birds so grand we see!
None but we have feet like fins!  With lovely leathery throats and chins!
From “The Pelican Chorus” by Edward Lear
Come play with us ... and the Pelicans ... at Paris Landing.

A special thanks to Richard Graves for the photos.  Please visit his website here.

Oct 3, 2012

Flag Poles Installed at Community Building

Volunteer firemen from the Paris Landing Community Fire Department help with the flag pole installation at the Paris Landing Community building.