Jul 20, 2024


Kentucky Lake 7-17-24

By Steve McCadams, Professional Guide/Outdoor Writer (stevemc@charter.net)

A cool spell that lowered temperatures and humidity the last few days was long overdue for the Kentucky Lake fishing scene. Anglers got a little pep in their step as temperatures were actually forecast to be slightly below average for a few days. Nighttime lows are projected to fall into the upper 60’s a few nights with daytime highs expecting to stay in the upper 80’s for a short period. That sure beats the three-digit heat index that has hung over the entire region for the last few weeks. No doubt the heat has curtailed fishing for most folks so the cool spell should stimulate the fishing scene to some degree.

Lake levels this week have fallen to the 358.4 range at Kentucky Dam, which is down a few inches from last week. That’s still pretty much holding true to TVA’s drawdown schedule. Watercolor remains clear. Surface temperatures reflect the extended hot spell that held a grip for the last several weeks as reading are in the 88-to-92-degree range. Anglers might see a slight change in the surface temps this week. No doubt the lower humidity has already improved out there on the lake, especially when escorted by a light breeze.

Summer crappie fishing is still holding up for those brave enough to battle the heat. It should feel better out there these next few days. Successful anglers credit their catching to fishing live minnows in the 18-to-25-foot depth range. There have been a few positive reports, so the heat has not totally curtailed the fishing scene.

Sluggish current in the main Tennessee River has not stimulated an aggressive summer bite from catfish but that often varies from day to day. The current has a big influence on the movement of baitfish and the overall bite. Some decent stringers were taken by anglers targeting the 40 to 50 depth range. Their baits of choice always seem to be nightcrawlers, chicken livers, cut bait or various commercial concoctions found at the local bait shop.

Scattered sighting of white bass activity has been reported but the surface activity has been inconsistent. A few jumps out along the edge of the main river channel or other main lake sandbars have been seen on calm days. Watch for increased surface activity from schooling white bass in the weeks ahead as lower lake levels in August arrive seems to always offer more chances of finding a feeding frenzy. Keep a white Rooster Tail, chrome colored Little George or Hopkins Spoon tied on and ready.

Scattered reports from bass anglers hitting the main lake ledges have come in. Some have even resorted to night fishing hoping to beat the heat that dominated most of July. Tossing big Texas rigged worms, swim baits, Caroline rigs, deep diving crankbaits or hopping a jig with various trailers added on have produced a few sluggish summer bass. Sometimes both largemouth and white bass will team up on schools of shad out there on the sandbars, pushing them to the surface in their last-ditch effort to escape the onslaught. It’s quick action if you’re within casting distance. Tons of fast fun!

Mayflies are always a part of the summer fishing scene. Their hatches occur throughout the summer months and all the way into early September. Lately some bass fishermen have been targeting the hatches and picking up some activity while tossing topwater lures and Rooster Tail type spinners.

A few bluegill have been feeding on the abundance of mayflies too. Tossing ultralight grubs and beetle spin type lures plus live crickets cast on bobbers has yielded results.

Jul 14, 2024

Go 'in Fishing? Better Get Up Early

 Kentucky Lake 7-11-24

By Steve McCadams, Professional Guide/Outdoor Writer (stevemc@charter.net)


Kentucky Lake fishermen best set the alarm and rise early. In order to beat the heat anglers are rising to the occasion, hitting the water long before the sun rises high in the sky. Wise are the fishermen who launch the boat in the wee hours of the morning and motor to their starting spot early. The summer fishing scene will again hit the three-digit heat index in the days ahead says the weather wizards.

Early morning fishing trips have not been all bad as of late. Some increase in activity has been reported by cat fishermen in addition to crappie and bass anglers. And there are a few reports of scattered sightings of white bass jumps out on main lake sandbars adjacent to the main Tennessee River channel. A slight increase in current the last few days has helped the overall bite somewhat. Tennessee Valley Authority increased discharge rates to over 24,000 cfs (cubic feet per second) at Kentucky Dam but flows have been low as of late.

Lake levels show the elevation to be around 358.7 range. That’s down a few inches from last weekend. Watercolor remains clear. Surface temperatures are in the 88-to-92-degree range.

A sluggish catfish bite should show signs of improvement as increased current will help stimulate additional movement from schools of baitfish. Depths of 45 to 50 feet have been giving up a few fish as have some suspended schools of baitfish/catfish showing up on sonar screens in the 40-foot depth range. Popular bait choices continue to be nightcrawlers, chicken livers, cut-bait, hot dogs marinated in a host of manmade concoctions and several different commercial stink baits.

Some stringers of crappie have been taken by anglers using mostly live minnow presentations on main lake areas. Finding brush piles and stake beds or deep stump rows in the 18-to-25-foot depth range have given up several crappie. There are a few fish still residing in manmade fish attractors located in the 14-foot depth range. Some anglers are using jigs or tipping jigs with minnows to entice bites from finicky fish. Others are resorting to live minnow presentations exclusively.

Mayfly hatches have occurred on a regular basis along the main river shorelines as well as some island rims and backwater bays. Seems the hatches have really emerged whenever a thunderstorm occurs as that seems to trigger this natural phenomenon. Some decent reports by anglers finding bass and bluegill beneath the shady canopies of overhanging willows have come in despite the hot weather.

Bass anglers banging away at main lake ledges have found the bite to be sluggish as of late. Perhaps the increase in current could also help that situation. More schools of shad should begin to move about and feed on plankton as the current increases. The bass bite on the ledges should reflect that and improve. Not all bass are deep as some have been taken around the mayfly hatches. Seems the hatches always bring activity to their whereabouts.

Jul 13, 2024

Lunch & Learn at the Heritage Center

 PRESERVING AND PURPOSING E.W. GROVE BUILDING...David Webb, with a love of History and a love of community will tell the compelling story and make the plea for preserving and purposing E.W. Grove for the Legacy and enrichment of the community at home and at large. This building and the legacy that it has created over the years must stand proudly for future generations to revere!

director@phchc.com; reservations are limited, r.s.v.p soon!

Jul 9, 2024

Annual Membership Drive

Annual Membership Fees Due In July
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This past year, membership fees were used to help support Santa's Night Of Lights Holiday Event at Paris Landing State Park, the Annual Ferry STOC Motor Cycle Ride, and to manage our website and Facebook page. We also vended (raised funds) at Piney Campers Fair to help support a silent auction and kayak give a way. We are always on the lookout for more opportunities to help or support.

These events give us more opportunities to pass out information and encourage people to visit Paris Landing and our social media.  During the last 12 months we had more than 78K visitors to our website and another 76k to our Facebook page. 

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Jul 8, 2024

Monthly Meeting

 The monthly meeting of the Paris Landing Tourism League (PLTL) will be held Tuesday, July 9th, at 6 pm at the Senior Center inside the Paris Landing Emergency Complex.

Hope to see you there!

Jul 5, 2024

Fishing Report

 Kentucky Lake 7-3-24

By Steve McCadams, Professional Guide/Outdoor Writer (stevemc@charter.net)


Rising surface temperatures reflect the extended spell of hot weather across the Kentucky Lake region. Readings this week showed the lake had warmed to the 88-to-90-degree range. Watercolor remains clear across the reservoir. Lake levels continue to fall slowly as TVA implemented its annual drawdown beginning July 1. All lake users will begin to see slightly lower lake stages in the weeks and months ahead. Elevation this week saw the reservoir falling slowly and was showing an elevation of 358.8 at Kentucky Dam, which is down a few inches from the summer pool elevation of 359.

Hot and humid weather continues to dictate the fishing conditions for most anglers. After the first two or three hours of the morning it’s pretty tough out there. Some days when light winds team up with cloud cover it’s tolerable; other days it’s an endurance test. The heat index lately has reached the three-digit mark and that takes the fun out of fishing.

Cat fishermen are finding a few playing their game out on the main Tennessee River channel area. Most days have produced a low flow as a lazy current situation has not worked in favor of an aggressive bite but that can change from day to day. The current calls the shots. A few fish have been taken by anglers using nightcrawlers and chicken livers, along with several commercial catfish baits. Depths of 35 to 45 feet have produced at times with some hanging around the 50-foot range.

The summer crappie bite has been sluggish this week but at times wind has had a negative impact. A few crappie have been taken in the 19-to-23-foot depth range by fishermen working the deep sides of main lake ledges while using mostly live minnows.

Main lake ledges have been sluggish to produce bass lately too, another side effect of low current at times. There are still a lot of schools of pin minnows related to grass beds and blowdowns on the edges of main river island rims. A few bass have been taken by anglers who find the minnows schooling. Tossing a Texas rigged worm and white/chartreuse spinnerbait with a bronze willow leaf blade have paid dividends at times. Some scattered reports from a few boats trolling crankbaits out on the main lake ledges have indicated a few sauger and white bass have been taken out there at times.

Big mayfly hatches were underway lately out on the main river shorelines and islands. That has attracted several species of fish up to shallow shady spots at times. A few bass and bluegill are feeding on them plus a host of other species there for the buffet as well.

Practically everyone on the lake is yearning for a few cool cloudy mornings that will help the attitude of both the fish and the fishermen.