May 11, 2021


 From radioNWTN:

The 2021 Fair will run from August 7 through 14 and will return will a Carnival and many exciting events, some old and some new:  The Junior Livestock programs, 4-H Country Ham program, exhibits of crafts,  USA Pullers Tractor Pull, Demolition Derby, Chopped Fair Style, Bar-B-Que Cook-off, Skillet Toss.  That’s just to name a few.   

The 2020 Fair was an abbreviated event, with minimal activities and no carnival due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Organizers noted that animals are being raised, crafts are being made, photos are being taken, canning will be started soon; all in preparation for the Fair and “We can’t wait.”

Henry County UT Extension Director Michele Atkins said the Henry County 4-H Country Ham program is ongoing and the Ham Weigh-in was held recently, with sponsorship from Clifty Farms. She noted the Steer Weigh-in also was held in April. She said the county’s 4-H kids are ready and excited for the fair.

The announcement of the Fair Book dedication will be announced later.

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Apr 28, 2021

Help Document Rare Bird Species


Sixteen Willets were sighted on our park this Saturday, April 24th!
Willets are a rare sighting for our area. They are a large shorebird from the family, Scolopacidae. They get their name from their pill-will-willet call.
Like Killdeer, Willets will pretend to be disabled by pretending they have a broken wing to draw attention to themselves and lure predators away from their young or their eggs. They typically feed along sandy beaches, mudflats, marshes, and rocky coasts. They typically winter on both coasts but, breed primarily in freshwater habitats of the western states and provinces. They typically migrate with very few stops until they reach their destination, but severe weather probably grounded them in our area on Saturday. Photo Credit by Andrew Lydeard.
If you would like to document a rare species in our area please contact Park Ranger, Gina Lowry at

Apr 21, 2021


 From Shannon Mcfarlin and RADIONWTN.COM

This is great news. Paris Landing State Park is one of only 10 state parks that have achieved platinum status from the state. Paris Landing's achievements include restoring 25 acres of grassland, maintaining a pollinator garden, increasing energy efficiency, have Clean Marina certification, had an Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary certification at the golf course; composted food waste on the site; maintained habitat boxes for songbirds, wood ducks, and osprey; participated in the Tennessee State Parks Honey Project. Good job by the Park Manager Zach Tinkle and park personnel.

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Apr 19, 2021

Oldies But Goodies

2006 Original PLTL Officers - Left to right:  Darlene Jenson (The Reel Inn), Leisa Dodd (Riverland Realty), Barry Raidt (Eagle Nest), Beverly Wallace (Hooks & Horns).  We don't know the identity of the lady on the far right.

A big shout out to Toni Marshall for sharing PLTL photos dating back to 2006.  She had many photos from our first Boss Hoss Rallys and the Big Cat Quests.  

We've added these photos to our album page on Facebook and most of them have been popping up as new posts.  Hope you'll take a tour down memory lane.