Nov 29, 2012

Christmas By the Lake

Make plans to come to the lake this weekend.  Lots of cool Arts & Crafts.  Great presents!

Nov 20, 2012

Catch of the Day

Local fisherman Edd Risner caught these bass on a store bought modified top water bait.  Nice!

Nov 15, 2012

Ch ch ch changes

We are making some changes to our website. If you encounter problems in the next few days, please try again.



Nov 7, 2012

Photo Contest Winners

Congratulations to Richard Graves of Buchanan, Tennessee for winning several spots in the Paris Landing State Park & Friends of Paris Landing 2012 Fall Photo Contest including Best of Show, 1st Place Wildlife, 1st Place Plant Life, and 1st Place Black & White.

Other winners included:

Hannah Fry of Buchanan, Tn for 2nd Place Wildlife

Beverly Hicks of Camden, Tn for 3rd Place Wildlife, 2nd Place Sports

Donnie Carson of Paris, Tn for 2nd Place Plant Life, 3rd Place Plant Life, 3rd Place Sports

Linda M. Haag of Buchanan, Tn for 1st Place People in Parks, 2nd Place Scenery

Scarlett Mann of Dover, Tn for 2nd Place People in Parks, 3rd Place Scenery

Dawn Duke of McKenzie, Tn for 3rd Place People in Parks

Debbie McDorman of Springville, Tn for 1st Place Scenery, 2nd Place Black & White

Pam Chmelik of Camden, Tn for 1st Place Sports

Trey Mann of Dover, Tn for 3rd Place Black & White

Click here to view all the photos.