Mar 6, 2024

The Latest Fishing Report

Here’s the latest fishing report for Kentucky Lake around the Paris Landing area:

  • Weather and Conditions:

    • Unseasonably warm weather has been prevalent, with temperatures climbing near record highs. Some days, the mercury even reached 76 degrees Fahrenheit, which is quite unusual for this time of year.
    • Normal daytime highs typically hover around 52 degrees Fahrenheit in late February.
    • Surface water temperatures are dancing around the 52-degree range, and the water color remains clear.
    • Lake levels have been gradually falling, with the reservoir down to create more storage capacity in case of heavy rains or storms.
  • Crappie Fishing:

    • Anglers targeting the 12 to 15-foot depth range have been successful. Submerged structures in this depth zone are yielding decent stringers of crappie.
    • Some anglers are finding fish in shallower depths as well, ranging from 8 to 11 feet.
    • Techniques that are paying off include:
      • Spider rig presentation: Using multi-pole buffets of jigs trolled slowly over main lake flats and ledges.
      • Casting jigs over brushpiles and stakebeds in midrange depths.
      • Vertical presentations of jigs and live minnow rigs over main lake structure.
      • A few fish have been taken on the deep sides of main lake ledges in the 17 to 20-foot depth range.
  • Spring Arrival:

    • Anglers are buzzing about the arrival of spring, even though it officially begins on March 19th this year.
    • Signs point to an early spring: crappie biting, flowers blooming, and birds whistling.
    • However, wise anglers know that March can be unpredictable, with temperature swings and gusty winds.

Remember to keep your gear handy, including sunscreen, overcoat, gloves, raingear, and coveralls. And while an early spring is exciting, always be prepared for surprises! 🎣🌸

For more detailed reports, you can also check out Steve McCadams’ Fishing Report covering Kentucky Lake from Paris Landing to New Johnsonville. Steve McCadams is a professional guide and outdoor writer from Paris, Tennessee, and his insights are valuable for local anglers1. 

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