Apr 27, 2015

Carl Perkins Center - Tosh Farms Crappie Tournament Winners

Big Fish: Devon Gregson/David Gregson 1.89 lbs.
1st Place: Devon Gregson/David Gregson 11 lbs.
2nd Place: Doug Muench/Tommy Crane 10.35 lbs.
3rd Place: Mark Arnold/Alex Arnold 8.99 lbs.
4th Place: Rodney Blackburn/Brian Gordon8.22 lbs.
5th Place: Larry and Vanice Parker 7.99 lbs.
6th Place: T.J. Todd/Brian Hatch 7.50 lbs.
7th Place: Donald Barnes/Terry Peoples 7.38 lbs.
8th Place: Scott Watson/Shawn Puckett 7.36 lbs.
9th Place: Keith Lovins/Randy Lovins 7.12 lbs.
10th Place: Greg Lovins/Eugene Stephens 6.5 lbs.
Last place team of Lisa Odom and Amanda McCabe won $50 for a weight of .86 lbs.
Big Fish, first place, fifth place, eighth place and tenth place winners for donated their prize money back to the Center.

Visit their Facebook page for more photos and information. 

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