Nov 24, 2019

Birders News

To all our birders out there, a Barrow's Goldeneye was spotted today near the park by Ruben Stoll and Victor Stoll! Photo taken by Andrew Lydeard, a Murray State student. Lydeard states that this is a very rare sighting. There is only a few differences from the Common Goldeneye. The Barrow's has a glossed purple head (instead of green), the nape is more puffy, and there is more black on the shoulder and back. If you happen to spot any rare birds while visiting our park we would love to hear about it and post any photos you get. We will make sure to give credit to the person(s) who take the photo or spot it. Thanks again to Ruben Stoll and Andrew Lydeard. Send photos to 
Paris Landing State Park

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